I told you that I can’t write poems right? Maybe this one’s a better way of saying it: I don’t write them because it’s hard. Maybe if literary genres stem from the brain, poetry is on the left side, like logical reasoning. It works the same way as Math for me, barely make sense. I know I can settle for free verse but I fear I’ll just blemish that quintessential sanctity of poetry. That’s why I adore ‘poets’ and those who can draw because they’re something I can’t do. To suffice the lack of creation, I try to read them and yours are one of the easiest to digest. And where do I get the heart not to love you for that, or everybody else for that matter. My friend, you slapped (words Glenn, sorry I just can’t put it any other way) poetry to me in a bittersweet way, I explained the ‘bitter’ so I’ll focus on the ‘sweet’ part. Your poems, they’re enthralling. They’re like the perfume you wore when we met, lingering and sweet. Who needs Keats, or Poe, Neruda perhaps when I have my Diane. I mean, when ‘we’ have our Diane.


Jess, it was sheer fascination I felt seeing your blog for the first time. And though perfection is one of my favourite words, I never felt comfortable using that in describing your photographs. There’s something about how you capture Auroras and star trails that’s magnetic. And your food photography, my mouth drools like a madman everytime. The sunflares, the way you compose your photographs—the whole thing, they’re supreme. I don’t know how to put it but it transcends beyond perfection. It skyrocketed to exponential fascination when I learned that you’re a Filipino, cheesy as it may sound, it makes me feel proud that we’re fella, not only because you reaffirmed Filipino talent, but most especially because you stayed humble all this time—and I guess that’s what makes you transcendent. I’ll live a thousand other lifetime and never attain even half of the transcendence you enjoy. And you’ve been really consistent with it. And that 60 something average notes per photograph, you deserve them, which makes you somehow not qualified to be in this list, because you’re one of those famous ones, you know? But… what can I do, I’m just a weak fan, I can’t help it. And… speaking of fans, they’re lining up to meet you in person. It makes me wish I’m somewhere near the Metro.


There’s this ‘fact’ I read about butterflies here, about how they can’t see their own wings which make them incapacitated to appreciate how beautiful they are and all that. There’s no amount of Shakespearean tragedy that can match the sadness in that tale, if it’s really true to begin with. When I read further, they compare it to most of us that sometimes we can’t realize how wonderful person we are and how only others can see it. Boy, I was depressed like a madman for a good two nights.

Though this ‘Dear Awesome Ones’ is conceived even before I read that butterfly tale with it’s ‘butterfly effect’ (maybe it’s cosmic intention) but it’s a significant affirmation for me to pursue this. I had some secondthoughts because it gets too cheesy halfway. But that reason pales when I think of what these words can do, and how someway somehow I saw something in these 16 Tumblrs that they didn’t realize themselves. And the mere thought of it is fascinating—having someone pointing your strength. I can feel its potential to alter the way one thinks, on the positive side of course. That’s the thing about inspiration, it’s a mutual process. You feel inspired at the awareness that you have the power to inspire. And being in a rut for some time, that I feel all I can ever muster are bad words, bitter themed writings venting whatever nonsensical comes to mind, guess this is a perfect way for me to make up, to ease the guilt so to speak.

Ahh, I chose only 16 people because the number has a significance for me. I guess I had explained it in a previous post. Truth be told, more than that number inspires me here. Tumblr houses many amazing people and I believe that’s the reason why many loved it here. I purposely picked the ones who I deemed deserving more than the attention they get, underrated perhaps, because I believe for some reason it matters. With the exception of the first one, because she’s kind of celebrated nowadays (insert diabolic grin here).

It’s nothing fancy really, I’m just really grateful. I’m excited to fill this page with good things for the next five days. And the first of the firsts is: the talented Jess of Firebrickdreams.

-Glenn, Pseudoperfection